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August 2, 2022

Martinsburg Family Pictures

The Roberts Family

When we first moved to the Martinsburg area, we were searching for a new church home to settle down in. Cory and I agreed we would try a few different churches and see which one stuck–starting with The Church at Martinsburg. We walked under the big green “50 Monroe” sign and walked through the double glass doors with a bit of nervousness in our bellies to be somewhere new.  Like Lord, please don’t let the pastor ask visitors to stand because I won’t do it, I just won’t. But instead we were greeted by so many friendly faces that noticed we weren’t regulars. By the end of the service I thought, “This is strange that so many people talked to us.” 😂

If you know AJ, you know he has a radar for new people. So after the service we tried to slide out the door incognito style–but he eagerly grabbed us and struck up a friendly conversation. We found out we lived in the same neighborhood and had kiddos similar ages. He invited us to small group where I reigned as ping-pong champion (right guys?) and we ate lots of snacks and joined in fellowship together. We became invested church members a few months later and needless to say, we never got around to checking out those other churches. 😉

The beauty in blue you see is Cheree, with sun-kissed skin and eyes that sparkle in that pretty golden light. I totally see why you made four babies with her, AJ. Cheree and I were pregnant with our most recent babies at the same time (just wait until you see Eden Joy!) and she too is a homeschooling mama *Hunger games solidarity sign here*. Cheree and AJ were high school sweethearts and together they rounded out their family with four beautiful babes.

First up! The leader of the pack, nine-year-old Bera, AKA “Mr. Cool Guy” who loves all things baseball and “doesn’t know any silly faces”. But I’m not believing him, are you? He winces and laughs when Cheree tries to fix his hair but gives her the tightest squeezes when no one is looking. Take it from me, kid, you’ll always be Mama’s first baby. Ain’t not gettin’ around it!

And then there’s Judsy, who’s sweetest disposition is slightly offset by his ability to absolutely pound you WWE style. He’s six years old and totally radiates joy. His big, cheesy grin pushes his eyes into such a tight squint that his eyes disappear–that’s the good stuff. Oh, and did I mention he once he had a mullet? This kid doesn’t pass up a cool hair-do, no siree.

On deck is Haddon, sweet Haddie girl. When I took individuals of the kiddos, I mistakenly forgot to ask for her silly face. She gently reminded her Dad that she missed her opportunity. I’ll share that one in the mix so ya’ll look out for Little Miss Roll Her Eyes. You’ll also see her pictured below as Little Miss Big Sister and little Miss Daddy’s Girl. You can’t miss her!

And Eden, little Eden Joy. She has fuzzy blonde hair and eyes that light up when she sees a bird fly by. She loves her big brothers and she’s really mastering the art of walking. This age is just the best, amiright?

Our church truly values relationships and I’m so thankful for the connection we’ve made with The Roberts Family. I am so thankful for ya’ll and to be growing alongside you in Christ. This part is a shameless plug for my awesome church family in hopes that you’ll join us one Sunday at The Church at Martinsburg and feel just as welcome as I did. I’m sure AJ will grab you on the way out. 🙂


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